Making a Financially Dumb Move


Financially Dumb Moves

Our society’s narrative is of heroes and villains.  It rings true for money too. We praise the virtue of financially sound decisions and we vilify of financially dumb moves.

In media, we see stories of responsible & resourceful people paying off tens of thousands in debt, saving 50%+ of their income.  Or we see the opposite, foolish celebrities who filed for bankruptcy, how winners of jackpots end up destitute.

There is a lot of pressure to be “good with money” and to do the “responsible thing”.

But what about financially dumb moves made for the right reason?

My peer, Laura, over at  Everyday By the Lake started this awesome series on her blog about people who made financially dumb moves.   These aren’t the so-called financially dumb moves that we see in the news, it’s not buying bitcoin at its peak, or buying a lemon of a used car.

Rather, these financially dumb moves are weighty!  Choosing health over money.  Choosing happiness rather than dollars.  Financially dumb, but personally brilliant.

Laura kindly allowed me to share the story of my financially dumb move. I hadn’t planned on telling my story here, but the feedback has been tremendously positive.

People were reassured that making the best decision for yourself is what counts, not the money, status or what people thought of you.  So I wanted to reassure my readers that it’s ok to make financially dumb moves and it’s never too late to rebuild.  The race is long and only with yourself.

Read about what I learned here:

My Race, My Rules

If you have time, go read the first installment of the series too.  Tiffany shares her financially dumb move of quitting her job for her health.  I think a lot of us can relate to her story, even if we aren’t in a position to quit.

Perhaps we can find ways to carve out more time to take care of ourselves, even if it’s 15 minutes a day.

Do you have a similar story of doing something that people didn’t approve of?  What happened?  I’d love to hear about them.


4 thoughts on “Making a Financially Dumb Move”

  1. Patricia Sanders

    Nice article! We always need to think more about what we are spending on and if it is necessary then make a budget. I think mistake should not be repeated. If you repeatedly mistaken with your financial matter then its a suicide.

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