The Success Checklist:

The 4 Things You Must Understand About Your Retirement Plan

Most people plan retirement without a system. We often start in the middle, we don’t think about what kind of retirement destination we are saving for or how we will get there. No wonder we feel lost! This webinar will provide you with what you need in each of the steps and how they fit into the big picture.

In this new masterclass, you will learn:

The Most Common Mistake 

most people make when starting to save for retirement and where you should start instead

The Hidden Risk 

that keeps professional institutional pension plan managers awake at night and how to avoid it

The Common Sense Analogy

that will make investing finally make sense and can be applied right away

The Stanford Odyssey Design Exercise 

that brings your retirement goals from “I don’t know blah” to “heck ya!”

Get the key steps to a successful retirement in the Success Checklist Masterclass!

But why does this matter now?

Millennials and Gen Xers already know that the workplace has changed since our parent’s times.  We can no longer count on our employers to safeguard our retirements.  Not only that, we see many of them take advantage of the weak and oppress our colleagues.  All in the name of profits.

When a corporation is beholden to its shareholders, wouldn’t it make sense that we should become the shareholders?  We can use our collective power to influence real change that benefits us and our neighbors.  

All the while, we can take advantage of the company’s profits to strengthen our own financial position. Now, more than ever in history, access to wealth building has been democratized. 

Investing has never been more accessible or affordable.  Anyone can open a trading account on their phone and it is our time to take advantage of these tools.  

We can build a secure financial foundation as well as use this influence to do good.  

This masterclass is made especially for those who:

→ Have a 401K or RRSP and want to know if it’s in the right things

→ Don’t have access to a 401K and needs to place to start

→ Needs motivation to save for retirement when it seems so far away

→ Are overwhelmed at the thought of trying to catch up

I’ve built my own 7-figure net worth by applying what I’ve learned in my career inside investment firms that cater to High Net Worth clients.


14 years of investment experience, 2 highly coveted professional designations, nearly 500 hours of dedicated study later, I’ve discovered the factors that create a secure retirement from one that is full of worry. 

This masterclass will peel back the curtain and bring that knowledge to you. 


Knowledge is power and it has been offered to the elites since banks began.  But I realized that the ones that need this information the most are ones that can’t get the attention of the banks and fund companies.

No gimmicks or get rich quick schemes.  If you are ready to take charge of your money and future, I will show you the roadmap and guide you around potholes along the way.

I can’t wait to see you inside!